iEngineering Is Not Outsourcing

Our iEngineering differs significantly from out sourcing in that all work is executed on the customer's software platforms using remote access tools such as Citrix or ThinAnvwhere. Outsourcing can be thought of as "sending work overseas," iEngineering should be thought of as "flying in day workers over the web." Using the customer's software platforms ensures work consistency, work processes and methodology control, information security increases, and ultimately lower cost per project versus traditional consulting service providers.

In a typical iEngineering engagement, the customer and consultant must agree on four critical issues: communication, access, scope and expectations.

A New Alternative

The key point is that for mature assets in need of re-engineering work, an alternative source of consulting talent now is available. Accessing and using this talent leverages existing software and hardware investments made by all E&P companies, but it does require an adjustment to a modified work arrangement.

In practice, this alternative consulting arrangement results in: